5 Steps to Better Marketing

There are thousands upon thousands of marketing tactics and strategies out there, but not a lot of formulas highlighting how to best to begin. In this brief article, we'll offer five steps to help you create effective marketing, and we promise you'll be surprised what you can do yourself. 


WRITE OUT everything (brain dump)

Before you begin any sort of marketing or content strategy, write everything out. Let your ideas, good and bad, run wild. It is during your brain dump that seemingly random ideas can manifest into tangible strategies. Write down what you want to talk about, the goals you have for the business, sporadic ideas, the people who will be engaged in it, its timeline, and anything else that seems to be stuck in your head. You can do this exercise alone or with a team, but it is crucial that you don't skip this step in the process. 


No matter how incredible your products or services are, if you don't fully understand your customers you won't be able to sell to your full potential. For instance, you won't want your brand colors to be pink and purple, with a touch of glitter, if you're selling software to law firms. You must take time to learn what your customers are attracted to, what your competitors are doing, the questions you customers are asking, the places they might spend time in, and which messages specifically relate to your target market. Only then will you not only catch the eyes of the right people, but you'll get a second glance. 




Taking risks and jumping in has it's benefits in business, but not in every scenario. Be calculated and smart about moving forward with new marketing tactics. Take that brain dump list and choose 3-5 of your best marketing tactics and test them with a small budget and realistic goals. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to know what works and what doesn't. 


Now, after all that work you don't want to just assume or hope that your marketing efforts are working in your favor. You'll want to know what is working, and what isn't in order to be as effective as possible. It's crucial that you measure the correct metrics for your desired goals. For example, e-commers (direct sales) must be connected to Google Analytics for tracking. It is actually easier than ever now to track your success, so don't skip this step just because the systems appear to be complex. If learning new systems to measure your business metrics is overwhelming to you, let's connect. 




After creating your test strategy, gaining insight into your audience, and learning what does and does not work, its time to double down on what is working to accomplish your goals. This could mean fully developing one strategy out of the few that you've tested, or investing in pushing multiple strategies to gain the attention of a wide audience.

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