We've all heard the phrase that "content is king," and frankly, it's true. Content is the foundation of every marketing endeavor your organization wishes to take on. At Activate Writing, we focus on creating strategic content that's relevant to your audience, brand voice, and marketing goals. This content marketing is the foundation of your organization's marketing success. 


As Entrepreneur Magazine states, "It's the creation and publication of original content -- including blog posts, case studies, white papers, videos and photos -- for the purpose of generating leads, enhancing a brand's visibility, and putting the company's subject matter expertise on display."

In this post, we will discuss the two main reasons your content marketing is hurting your business's growth. 


(1) You're not consistent: In the world of content marketing, the most important guideline is to be consistent when and how you create. As a small to midsize business, time is often limited, and you likely can't keep up with fortune 500 companies posting 5 times per day. That's okay though, you don't need to. Determine what your capacity can withstand, and commit to that. One quick tip is to schedule time to write, post, and respond. If you already have the time blocked off on your calendar, the likelihood of you being consistent will increase. 

(2) Your topics aren't relevant: It's important to remember one thing: your business is yours, and it's unique. The story you tell should resemble that, and not that of another organization/mission. Many organizations find themselves in a vague market of content creation that can likely be used for their competitors as well; find what your relevant story is and tell it your way. Here are three things to think about in regards to being relevant online: 

  1. Does this message connect with my ideal customer? 
  2. Does this message fit into my business's brand personality? 
  3. Do the above questions makes sense to me? If not, our team would love to help. 

(3) Your content is personal: Many times businesses look at blogs or social media and attempt to create a sales pitch with their content. The most successful content connects with a reader much deeper than a sales pitch, product, or service; it's personal. So, make your content as personal as it can me. An organization called Maxeed, has a great post on The 4 Easy Tricks to Personalize your Marketing Strategy

  1. Add high-impact, human touch with great design. 
  2. Ask customers what they want.
  3. Listen to customer service calls.
  4. Use tools, not spreadsheets.

By utilizing these 4 specific tricks, you can make your content come alive in a personal way. If your content is personal, your audience will connect with your brand on a much deeper level. 

Creating content that is effective online isn't rocket science, it's simple dedication. Dedication to you, your business, and to creating influence more than creating sales (trust us, the sales will follow). Your content marketing may be hurting your business now, but by acknowledging these three simple changes, you can create content that brings value to both your business and its clients. Don't be afraid of content marketing. It may be King, but remember, you created the kingdom.