Our Best Practices For Digital Marketing

Having a desire to accomplish something great but feeling stuck where you are is a frustrating reality for many of us. You may find yourself asking, “What’s my next step?” and wishing someone would simply hand you the answer. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that the answer is never simply handed over. Many times, the answers we are looking for become apparent to us through movement - walking towards something even if it feels like a risk. If you’re a business owner having to change up the way that you approach marketing because of the digital age, we’re here to help.

There are literally thousands of different tactics in creating a digital marketing strategy, and the amount of tactics could overwhelm you, make you feel stuck. We get it. But don’t stop there hoping for someone to tell you where to go with your strategy. You, and your company, are so unique that you need to find a strategy that works specifically for, and with, you.

Here are our five simple steps to creating a digital content strategy that works for you:

  • Write Everything Down!

And when we say everything, we mean everything. This practice will help you to get unstuck and out of your head. Write down all of your marketing and content ideas - the good, and the bad! Here and only here is where your ideas will run wild, and genius may strike.

  • Identify Your Audience.

We believe that you offer amazing products or services, we really do! But you won’t be able to convince people of that unless you become aware of your audience, AKA the people that will purchase your product or service. As an example, McDonald’s doesn’t advertise that they’re the healthiest meal choice to the yoga instructor who eats only organic food. They’re going to advertise that they’re a quick and cost effective meal choice to the busy family or broke college student. Similarly, you’ll want to identify what you’re offering, who would want that, and what they are drawn towards. Your strategy will start to form around identifying those people.

  • Test With Small Budgets and Goals.

Exciting things are happening as you begin to generate new ideas and identify your customers! But don’t make costly decisions before you test out your findings. Be calculated as you move forward into actually implementing a marketing strategy. Take 3 - 5 of the best marketing ideas that you came up with when writing your thoughts down and test them with a small budget. You’ll have a better idea of what works and what doesn't without spending thousands of dollars.

  • Metrics and Measurements.

After so much hard work you won’t want to assume that your marketing efforts are always working in your favor. You’ll want to stop investing in what isn’t working, or doesn’t offer a good return, and invest in what is working. The way to track this is through metrics and analytics. For example, e-commerce (direct sales) should be connected to Google Analytics for tracking. It is easier than ever to track your success, so get connected to some tracking systems and identify where your marketing dollars should be going.

  • Use What Is Working!

Now that you’ve got some solid marketing ideas, a set audience and some test results, it’s time to invest in what is working. Whether that means creating a strategy around one idea that tested well, or investing in multiple strategies, now is your time to turn your ideas into reality.

Marketing is serious business, but it’s also extremely fun. You get the opportunity to dig deeper into who you are as a company and watch people’s attention turn your way. There are many, many more ways to interact with your customers through marketing, and we would love to walk you through them! Contact us today for a free consultation with our expert team of content and marketing strategists!

We’re in it with you!

-The Activate Writing Team